EIFFEL 65: the 'blue' trio

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Here are a couple of poems I've written about Eiffel 65:


    J effrey is the singer of Eiffel 65.

    E lectronic music, makes his voice so alive!

    F uturistic looks, it's plain to see,

    F or he comes from Sicily in Italy.

    R eally, I do think he's cool!

    E everbody dance to "Blue" and cry:

    "Y o listen up, here's a story about a little guy..."


    M aurizio is very talented on the keyboard,

    A nd he's in charge of the art prod.

    U nusual, that's the look of his hairstyle.

    R ise up! You've just gotta smile!

    I ncreadibly fast is how he plays his melodies,

    Z ooming over the black 'n' white keys.

    I t's amazing! He's a gifted guy.

    O h, how you make me sigh!


    G abriele completes this Italian trio,

    A nd he's nicknamed "DJ Ponte", you know.

    B oth he and Maurizio play tunes jointly,

    R ivalling to robotic lyrics of Jeffrey.

    I n every photo, Gabry makes me wonder,

    E ach time, he has a new hair colour!

    L ively, creative, different but clever,

    "E uropop", the album, will last forever!


    Z orotl is E65's little "blue" guy.

    O ut of this world, high in the sky,

    R eaching the stars, and past planet Mars,

    O uter space is where he comes from.

    T he imagination of E65 is witty, bizarre,

    L ike their music that's known afar!



Jolly Jeffrey jumps joyously,                                                            

Syncronising, screaming songs.

Eiffel fans emotionalise fast!

Marvelous Maury makes melodies,                                                                 

Like love lasting lightyears.

Gorgeous Gabry does DJ:                                                                                

Cool, clever computer catches.

Fans cry for continuation.

Italian trio, blast through the roof!

playkeys.wmf (6298 octets)      


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