EIFFEL 65: the 'blue' trio


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Name: Gabriele Ponte

Nick name: April 20th, 1973

Born: Turin

Zodiac: Aries

Hobby: Kung Fu

Fav. musik: Hip-hop, R&B, Dance, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Puff Daddy

Fav. actress: Meg Ryan

Role in E65: DJ / Producer / Mixer


Gabriele became a DJ at only 17, where he played in some of the discos in his home town. Then later he convinced himself that he could make a living off this "weekend hobby".

When he started producing at BlissCo in 1993 (before he studied physics), one of his important projects was with "DaBlitz". So whenever they go on show, he will collaborate with them. He works with M.T.J. Capuano. In fact, he is always involved with most of the important BlissCo productions (I guess he's always on the move then.).

One of the ways Gabry likes to spend his time when not working, is resting (easy to understand why). His favourite sweet is Panacotta ... well, he likes all sweets (It's amazing it doesn't show!)! He believes that he's worked on more than 100 productions during his eight years working at BlissCo.

Apparently he plays a very good part in the video of Too Much Of Heaven, using his Martial Arts talent.

He is also a left-hander.


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