EIFFEL 65: the 'blue' trio


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Name: Gianfranco Randone

Nick name: Jeffrey Jey

Birthday: January 5th, 1970

Born: Sicily (Lentini)

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 165.5 cm

Hobbies : Going to the movies, PlayStation

Fav. musik: Electronic, Depeche Mode, Michael Bolton, Sugar Ray, Splender

Fav. actress: Sigourney Weaver

Role in E65: Singer / Producer / Computer whizz


Jeffrey was born in a family of musicians, so thanks to this, he first walked on stage at 1 years old.

When he was 2, he and his parents moved to Brooklyn, NYC, where he spent most of his childhood, until moving back to Italy at the age of 14.

He didn't start studying music until 15, when he discovered the new world of music made by computers ... And yes, he loves computers!!

He got into the music industry at 23, and made many hits, such as: People Have The Power, Go!, You Make Me Cry, Hold On To Love, & Love Is Forever. At the time, he had been attending university for accounting, but couldn't finish, due to the success of "People Have The Power" (1993), which launched him into professional dance scene.

Jeffrey's favourite TV shows are: Bill Cosby, X - Files, Star Trek & Happy Days, and he likes Italian, Chinese & Fast Food ... not to mention Swiss Cheese! He also claims to have brown hair and dark brown eyes, and he likes women! :) His fav. holiday is Christmas (well, who doesn't?).

The reason why he wrote the song Blue(Da Ba Dee) was because he wanted to pay homage to the classic hit "Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu", by Domenico Modugno.

Jeff has a cat called "Cadaliacella".


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