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"Europop" is the debut album by Eiffel 65. It has been made into several different versions, depending on which country and which part of the world it is sold in. I have heard of two, which are the European, and French versions.


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French version

European version

1) Blue(Da Ba Dee)

2) Too Much of Heaven

3) Move Your Body

4) Dub In Life

5) Living In A Bubble

6) My Console

7) Another Race

8) Your Clown

9) The Edge

10) Silicon World

11) Now Is Forever

12) Europop

13) Hyperlink(Deep Down)

Bonus tracks:

14) Move Your Body

15) Blue(Da Ba Dee)

1) Too Much Of Heaven

2) Dub In Life

3) Blue(Da Ba Dee)

4) Living In A Bubble

5) Move Your Body

6) My Console

7) Your Clown

8) Another Race

9) The Edge

10) Now Is Forever

11) Silicon World

12) Europop

13) Hyperlink(Deep Down)

Bonus tracks:

14) Move Your Body

15) Blue(Da Ba Dee)


As I am more familiar with the French version (since I live in France), the songs that I mention are in that order.

Blue (Da Ba Dee), which was the popular dance track of 1999, has a very catchy tune to it. It is said that once it’s heard, it’s never forgotten. This is very true, especially on hearing the powerful robotic vocals that Jeffrey produces throughout the song.

Too Much Of Heaven is what I’d call a mixture of hip-hop music with a touch of pop influence in the singing. Note that Jeffrey’s actual voice is totally unexpected to his singing one!

Move Your Body is my favourite, with a very "get on the dance-floor" mood. It has also been a very popular single throughout Europe, almost beating the first.

Another of their greatest songs is Dub In Life. The lyrics are short, but the music’s very good.

Living In A Bubble is perhaps the longest track, lyric wise. The Italian rapper, "Papa Winnie", takes over part of this song. There’s a Jamaican style to this clever song too.

The next song, My Console, is a very jumpy one. It is based on the PlayStation (with the chorus going: P L A Y S T A T I O N), totally resembling this style. Some PlayStation games are mentioned in it too. I believe this song brings out the kid in the PlayStation fans, Jeffrey and Maurizio!

Another Race is in relation with the extra-terrestrials that Eiffel 65 have created. It shows what big science-fiction fans they are.

Your Clown is one of the slows on the album. The singer’s voice seems to be very computerised, especially at the beginning of the song. The lyrics are quite emotional.

Next, the special effects of the keyboard in The Edge are very strong (Well done Maurizio!). The lyrics are very repetitive, but you don’t think about it when listening to the track. I must say that Gabry and Maurizio have put some super work into this one!

Silicon World is a lovely song. It’s quite slow, but sung with very high sounding lyrics. It’s a good song for all those modern technology lovers.

The other slow on the album is Now Is Forever. The way the lyrics mention the future are very positive.

Europop is up next, with a music style so different to the rest on the album. The drum beat is very heavy, added with cool robotic vocals. These guys certainly love their bass beats!

Finally, ending this attractive dance album is Hyperlink (Deep Down). The subject of the song is a weird mix for computer lovers, ie: Internet sex!

There are two bonus tracks after Hyperlink, which are Move Your Body and Blue (Da Ba Dee). Move Your Body is a funny fast version of the original, which brings out the American accent in Jeffrey, and Blue isn’t much different to the first, except for an extended verse, and more techno drum beats at the beginning and end, mixed by Gabry.

You have to like this style of electronic music and the robotic vocals of the singer to appreciate the album. Eiffel 65’s style is quite different to others, because it’s European!

Thanks ever so much for making a great album Eiffel 65!

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